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Soda Can Opener
Soda Can Opener
Soda Can Opener
Soda Can Opener

Soda Can Opener

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Turn every canned drink into an innovative drinking glass!

Take this kitchen gadget everywhere you go to get the drinks flowing.


The Soda Can Opener is an awesome tool that converts any can into a glass. It does this by actually cutting off the top of the can so you're left with a makeshift glass that is completely safe to drink from. It allows you to see what is inside the can, add in some ice or extra garnish, and even reuse as much as you'd like! This is the perfect gadget to have when you're away from home and just want to stay hydrated.

It's very small and compact. It'll fit right in a bag or even just your pocket! It also does not take up too much space in the kitchen.

Grab a Soda Can Opener for yourself today!


  • CONVENIENT: The Soda Can Opener is a handy kitchen gadget that cuts off the tops of soda cans for you. This allows for an easier drinking experience as you can actually use the can as you would a regular drinking glass! Drinking from a glass also leaves you less full and ready to eat more food.
  • ENHANCING: Because the top of the soda can be cut off by the Soda Can Opener, you can actually enjoy the drink's aroma. You can also add in a bit of garnish and other ingredients if you'd like, such as ice, fruits, mint, and so much more.
  • SAFE: The Soda Can Opener cuts off soda cans in a way that is not damaging. It leaves no sharp edges at all!
  • VERSATILE: The Soda Can Opener works on a variety of cans. You can use this for sodas, iced coffee, hard drinks, energy drinks, sparkling waters and seltzers, and more.
  • COMPACT: At a mere 4.33 x 0.59" (11 x 1.5 cm), the Soda Can Opener is very small and compact. It is the perfect gadget to take on camping trips and beach gatherings to help get the drinks flowing!


  • 1 x Soda Can Opener


  • Measurement: 4.33 x 0.59" (11 x 1.5 cm)
  • Material: ABS