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20 Slimming Detox Patch
20 Slimming Detox Patch

20 Slimming Detox Patch

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Wanting to lose weight but don't have the time and energy for diets and workouts? 

Let this revolutionary weight loss patch give you a push in the right direction!



The Slimming Detox Patch is a packet of twenty (20) weight loss patches that help with burning off excess fat and cellulite, toning up your body, and improving your body's metabolism and overall energy. You're definitely going to see noticeable differences in your body within a few weeks of using these patches! Not only are you going to become a lot slimmer and shapelier, you're also going to feel so much healthier.

The Slimming Detox Patch is so easy to apply. It's no harder than putting on a mosquito patch! Simply clean off the area of attachment before putting the patch on. Replace the patches as many times as necessary. Losing weight has never been easier!




  • EASY TO APPLY: The Slimming Detox Patch is incredibly easy to apply. Start off by cleaning the area around your navel with some soap and water. This will ensure that the patch sticks better. Next, peel off the adhesive strip and apply the patch onto your navel, pressing firmly for a few seconds to help it really stick. Then you're done!
  • EFFECTIVE: The Slimming Detox Patch is super effective in burning fat and reducing cellulite all over your body. This is also helpful when it comes to boosting your metabolism and improving your blood circulation. This patch definitely brings you one step closer to the healthy body you've always wanted!
  • TONING: In addition to having health benefits, the Slimming Detox Patch is also effective in toning and shaping your body. This melts hard-to-burn fat in your problem areas like the hips and thighs and achieves what exercise and dieting cannot.
  • SAFE: The Slimming Detox Patch is made with all-natural ingredients like aloe vera and ginger. These ingredients are scientifically proven to help with weight loss and increased metabolism so you'll know you're getting the best formula. This patch is very gentle on the skin and should not cause any irritation at all.




  • Measurement: 3.35 x 3.15" (8.5 x 8 cm)


  • 20 x Slimming Detox Patch