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Shark Wine Glass
Shark Wine Glass
Shark Wine Glass
Shark Wine Glass
Shark Wine Glass
Shark Wine Glass
Shark Wine Glass

Shark Wine Glass

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Have a chomping good time with this adorable shark!

This little guy only wants to keep you company!



The Shark Wine Glass is an adorable wine glass with a very distinctive feature. In the center of a glass is a tiny, little shark that actually floats around in your glass of wine. As you sip more and more of your wine, the shark gradually shows up and surfaces like it would in a Jaws movie! This wine glass is such a unique and quirky keepsake that is sure to get a laugh out of anyone who drinks from it.

The Shark Wine Glass is made of high-quality glass that is very comfortable to the touch. It has a round and smooth mouth that is very easy to drink from, and a long, sturdy neck that is easy to handle. This wine glass can hold up to 10.14 fl. oz (300 mL) of liquid, and the contents can be readily seen from the outside as the glass itself is very transparent.

If you're looking for a new friend to keep you company on your wine nights, then definitely check out the Shark Wine Glass for yourself!




  • NOVEL: The Shark Wine Glass is a quirky wine glass that is sure to add a touch of humor into your wine nights. Sit back, relax, and watch as this adorable shark swims around your glass of wine. This is definitely a very unique glass of wine that would go great in any kitchen!
  • SAFE: The Shark Wine Glass is made of food-grade glass that is totally safe for use. It is non-toxic and odorless and will not affect the taste of your drinks at all! The surface of the glass is also totally smooth so it will not irritate your skin as well.
  • EASY TO GRIP: The Shark Wine Glass has a nice, long neck that'll help you hold your wine properly. It is quite bottom-heavy so it's hard to spill.
  • VERSATILE: Of course, the Shark Wine Glass was made for all sorts of wine! You can use it for red, white and rose wine, or even just fruit juices and soda! People of all ages can enjoy the novelty of this adorable wine glass. You can use this product for parties, gatherings, and so much more!




  • Measurement: 2.95 x 2.95 x 8.27" (7.5 x 7.5 x 21 cm)
  • Material: glass
  • Capacity: 10.14 fl. oz (300 mL)


  • 1 x Shark Wine Glass