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Self-Stirring Water Bottle
Self-Stirring Water Bottle
Self-Stirring Water Bottle
Self-Stirring Water Bottle
Self-Stirring Water Bottle

Self-Stirring Water Bottle

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Have your favorite drinks and beverages with you any time, anywhere!

This handy gadget can handle juices, teas, coffee, milk, or even just plain water!



The Self-Stirring Water Bottle is an adorable water bottle that mixes your drinks for you. It is entirely battery-operated, so all you really need to do is pour in your powdered drinks into the water, close the lid, and turn it on. You'll get your favorite sweet and healthy drinks in absolute seconds without even lifting a finger! It's totally silent as it does its job too!

The Self-Stirring Water Bottle is super easy to clean. The parts are totally detachable so each individual part can be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water. This product is also super clean as it is actually made with food-grade material that is totally safe for you to drink.

Grab a Self-Stirring Water Bottle for yourself today!




  • SELF-STIRRING: The Self-Stirring Water Bottle, like the name suggests, is actually self-stirring! That means you can add in any sort of powders into your water to make a tasty and delicious drink. You can add in powdered juices, powdered milk, protein powder, coffee, tea, and other sorts of powdered beverages into your water and let this product do the rest. By the time it's done, there won't be any leftover powder at all!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: All components of the Self-Stirring Water Bottle can be easily assembled and disassembled for faster clean-up. This product is super easy to wash by hand or with a brush for that extra scrub.
  • SAFE: The Self-Stirring Water Bottle is made of premium ABS plastic that is completely safe for your consumption. This material is non-toxic and odorless and will not affect the taste of your drinks at all.
  • SILENT: The Self-Stirring Water Bottle makes little to no noise even when it's on! This ensures that you can create your favorite drinks without disturbing the people around you. This is especially great if you're in a place like a library where people need to do concentrate at all times.
  • COMPACT: Standing at 2.68 x 6.89" (6.8 x 17.5 cm), the Self-Stirring Water Bottle is very small and compact. This is the perfect water bottle to have in your backpack as it does not take up too much space at all. It is also comfortable to have in your hand as you go around your day!




    • Measurement: 2.68 x 6.89" (6.8 x 17.5 cm)
    • Material: ABS



    • 1 x Self-Stirring Water Bottle