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Rubber Band Gun
Rubber Band Gun
Rubber Band Gun
Rubber Band Gun

Rubber Band Gun

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This is a cute toy that is sure to be very fun to play with!

It's very easy to use and very easy to carry around, to boot!


If you're a fan of shooting rubber bands, then the Rubber Band Gun is definitely the toy for you. It is a very compact toy gun made with zinc alloy, and it even makes a cool clacking sound when you pull the trigger! To load the gun, simply stretch out rubber bands from the end of the gun to the releasing mechanism. This toy can hold up to six rubber bands! To release, pull the trigger.

The package comes with a hundred (100) rubber bands and a tiny target to help you practice your aim. It's a fun hobby to help you pass the time as well as improve your hand-eye coordination. Grab a Rubber Band Gun today!


  • EASY TO USE: The Rubber Band Gun is so easy to use! Simply attach one end of a rubber band at the end of the gun, and attach the other end to the trigger mechanism. Rotate the mechanism towards you to add in another rubber band. This toy can hold up to six of them! To release the bands, simply pull the trigger!
  • PORTABLE: The Rubber Band Gun can actually be folded into a smaller and more convenient size so that it is less conspicuous and easier to carry around. It also comes with a handy key ring so you can hang it with your keys, or hang it off a bag or wallet!
  • FUN: This package comes with a mini target that you can hit if you're just playing with the Rubber Band Gun to practice your aim. The rubber bands are also launched at quite a slow speed so as not to hurt anyone! This is the perfect toy to have if you just a bit of light-hearted playing with your friends and family.


  • 1 x Rubber Band Gun
  • 100 x rubber band
  • 1 x target


  • Measurement: 2.76 x 1.57 x 0.47" (7 x 4 x 1.2 cm)
  • Material: zinc alloy