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Pull-Out Shoe Drawers
Pull-Out Shoe Drawers
Pull-Out Shoe Drawers
Pull-Out Shoe Drawers
Pull-Out Shoe Drawers
Pull-Out Shoe Drawers
Pull-Out Shoe Drawers

Pull-Out Shoe Drawers

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Need some help organizing your shoes?

Why don't you try this out for size?


These Pull-Out Shoe Drawers is a highly convenient organizer for those with plenty of shoes and not enough space to deal with them. Use these Pull-Out Shoe Drawers to arrange your footwear exactly how you want them and save space in your home at the same time! Pull your shoes out, go around your business, push your shoes back in—that's the life you'd have with these Pull-Out Shoe Drawers.




  • CONVENIENT: With doors that open up to 120°, taking your shoes out of their drawers is as easy as pie. Simply pull the tab towards you and the shoes should smoothly come right out.
  • ORGANIZING: Arrange your shoes exactly how you want them! You can arrange them by color, their usage, the frequency you use them, and so much more. Each drawer holding exactly one pair of shoes means that you can easily find them where you placed them and return them just as easily!
  • TRANSPARENT: These Pull-Out Shoe Drawers are made of transparent PPE material that makes looking through them so easy. There's no need to open and close multiple drawers trying to find the pair of shoes you needjust scan through them! This also makes displaying your shoe collection possible.
  • STACKABLE: Not a lot of space in your home? No problem. The Pull-Out Shoe Drawers can be stacked atop one another so you save up some valuable floor space! This also makes things more convenient for you as you don't have to bend down as much.
  • VENTILATING: The Pull-Out Shoe Drawers come with ventilation holes to help eliminate odor and prevent bacterial growth!




  • 1/3 x Pull-Out Shoe Drawers 


  • Measurement
    • 1 Drawer: 10.16 x 13.19 x 7.20" (25.8 x 33.5 x 18.3 cm)
    • 3 Drawers: 9.25 x 13.19 x 5.55 (23.5 x 33.5 x 14.1 cm)
  • Material: PP