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Magnetic Lashes and Curler
Magnetic Lashes and Curler
Magnetic Lashes and Curler
Magnetic Lashes and Curler
Magnetic Lashes and Curler
Magnetic Lashes and Curler

Magnetic Lashes and Curler

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Want beautiful and gorgeous looking lashes all day, everyday?

Now you can have stunning eye looks with this amazing product!



The Magnetic Lashes and Curler is every makeup lover's best friend. This package consists of two pairs of thick, magnetic lashes and a lash curler that helps to apply said magnetic lashes. This saves you a considerable amount of time while getting ready as all you need to do is apply the magnetic lashes onto the curler, clip them on by curling your lashes with the curler, and release!

The Magnetic Lashes and Curler are suitable for most eye shapes. This product is also very delicate despite its magnetic features. It will not damage your eyelashes or injure your eyelids at all. This product is also as easy to take off as it is to put on!

If you're looking for a new makeup tool to play with, then definitely consider the Magnetic Lashes and Curler!


  • EASY TO APPLY: Because of the Magnetic Lashes and Curler's magnetic feature, this product is so easy to apply. Simply peel off the lashes from the container and place them on the curler. Make sure to arrange them so the magnets face each other. Next, curl your lashes with the curler as usual and watch as the magnetic eyelashes stick together! You won't even need any lash glue with this product!
  • STRONG: The magnetic feature of this product also means that it is quite  strong and sturdy when stuck together. These lashes won't fall off at all when they are being worn but is also quite easy to take off when you're done with them.
  • UNIVERSAL: The Magnetic Lashes and Curler are suitable for most, if not all, eye shapes. It doesn't matter how small or large your eyes are, these lashes would be perfect for you!
  • SAFE: Despite the magnetic features of this product, the Magnetic Lashes and Curler are completely safe for your natural eyelashes to wear. The magnetic strip themselves are made of soft material that will protect your eyelashes from breakage. The curler itself is also designed not to hurt your eyelids.
  • TIME-SAVING: Don't have much time in the morning to get ready and do your makeup? No problem. With the Magnetic Lashes and Curler, the time you spend getting made up will be shortened considerably! Simply attach, clip and release!


  • 2 x Magnetic Lashes (pair)
  • 1 x Curler


  • Material: stainless steel alloy, magnet