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Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper
Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper
Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper

Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper

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Let your child's creative juices flow! Enhance their imagination!

This is a cool product that's going to add some fun and brightness into your home.


The Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper is what it is, It is a wallpaper that can be easily stuck onto your wall and act as a chalkboard. You can use this to have a corner in your house where everyone can just draw, play, write, and whatever else suits their fancy. All you need is some chalk and erasers to get the creative juices flowing!

It really is just like a chalkboard, which is why you should definitely get this to save a lot of money. Not only do you save money from buying art supplies, you also get to save the state of your furniture as your kids now something to draw on! If you've got children and want them to use their imagination more, then definitely consider getting the Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper.


  • IMAGINATIVE: Encourage creative thinking in your child with the Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper! This wallpaper is amazing as it functions exactly like a chalkboard would. That means that your child can draw and write to their heart's content with some chalk.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper can be decorated however you'd like. You can add some fun pictures, add pins and glitter, put up some shelves, and so much more. This space can end up being a space where your child can be whatever they want.
  • REUSABLE: Because this wallpaper is just like chalkboard, everything written on with chalk can be easily erased with an eraser. This wallpaper is much more environmentally-friendly as it saves paper and it also, in turn, saves you more money on paper and art supplies.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper is so easy to stick onto your wall. Simply clean the surface thoroughly with some alcohol to ensure it adheres properly. Next, peel off the adhesive at the back of the wallpaper and line it up to the wall, slowly sticking down more of the wallpaper as you peel more of the adhesive of. Get rid of any bubbles by smoothing them out of the edges.
  • CLEAN: If you've got lots of kids in the house, you know they just love to draw wherever they can reach. They draw on walls, doors, the furniture, and so much more. With the Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper, your house is saved from the mischievous hands of your children! The chalk dust is also easy to sweep or vacuum.


  • 1 x Magnetic Chalkboard Wallpaper


  • Measurement: 35.43 x 47.24" (90 x 120 cm)