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Magnetic Broom and Dustpan
Magnetic Broom and Dustpan
Magnetic Broom and Dustpan
Magnetic Broom and Dustpan

Magnetic Broom and Dustpan

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Wish your house was completely spick-and-span?

Regular old brooms and dustpans can't compare with these!



The Magnetic Broom and Dustpan are undoubtedly an incredible combo. The broom is versatile with high-density bristles that pick up every little thing it comes across, and it also rotates 180-degrees! The dustpan, on the other hand, efficiently takes off all the dirt and dust from the broom and ensures they don't get scattered around the house. What more could you look for in the Magnetic Broom and Dustpan?




  • CONVENIENT: The dustpan comes with a comb-like structure that can be used to filter out debris from your broom. No need to get your hands dirty with the Magnetic Broom and Dustpan!
  • SPACE-SAVING: Not only are the Magnetic Broom and Dustpan magnetic, the dustpan is also foldable for easy storage! When not in use, these handy cleaning tools can be easily folded and stored in a closet without taking up too much space.
  • CLEAN: No dust gets left behind with the Magnetic Broom and Dustpan! The dustpan is specially designed with a rubber strip that fits seamlessly with the floor. It picks up every bit of dirt that the broom sweeps onto it!
  • ADJUSTABLE: The broom has a range of 180-degrees! This makes it easier to clean every nook and cranny of your house without all the awkward maneuvering!




  • 1 x Magnetic Broom
  • 1 x Magnetic Dustpan


  • Measurement

  • Material: PP, stainless steel