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Lollipop Gun
Lollipop Gun
Lollipop Gun
Lollipop Gun

Lollipop Gun

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Looking for that nice, sweet taste of your favorite lollipop?

This toy will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!


The Lollipop Gun is a fun and cute toy gun that "shoots" out a lollipop. When you pull the trigger, the lollipop inside the toy gun actually shoots out. It's kind of like those guns that shoots out flags, except this one is much sweeter and way more delectable! This is a toy you can both eat and have fun with—the best of both worlds!

Simply insert a lollipop of your choice into the barrel and make sure it's quite secure. You wouldn't want a lollipop actually shooting out at you now, would you? Pull the trigger to shoot, and pull the trigger again to take it back. It's so simple and easy to use that even kids would be able to play with it. Grab a Lollipop Gun for yourself today!


  • FUN: A quirky rendition of the traditional toy gun, this Lollipop Gun doesn't actually shoot anything. What it does instead is release a sweet and tasty lollipop and take it back just as quickly again! This toy is very fun and playful and people of all ages will be able to enjoy it!
  • VERSATILE: The barrel of the Lollipop Gun can fit most lollipops, so you can choose whatever flavor and whatever brand of lollipop you'd like!
  • ATTRACTIVE: The Lollipop Gun has fun, bright lights that shine and playful music that hums a nice tune every time this toy is played with. It is extremely attractive to children so you know they'll never get bored with it!
  • EASY TO USE: To get your Lollipop Gun ready, simply insert a lollipop into the barrel of the device. Next, turn the barrel inwards and locking it in place with the mechanism. To "shoot" and release the lollipop, simply pull the trigger. If you need to pull the lollipop off, just pull it with a firm tug. It's that easy!


  • 1 x Lollipop Gun


  • Measurement: 4.72 x 5.51" (12 x 14 cm)
  • Material: ABS