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Kitchen Sink Organizer
Kitchen Sink Organizer
Kitchen Sink Organizer
Kitchen Sink Organizer

Kitchen Sink Organizer

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Arrange and organize your kitchen sink just the way you want it!

Keeping your kitchen clean and mess-free has never been easier with this product.



The Kitchen Sink Organizer is attached to your kitchen sink to help you keep the space clean and mess-free. It is adjustable and can fit most lengths of sinks. To adjust it, you simply pull and push them apart before attaching it onto one side of your sink (preferably the one with the faucet). On this organizer, you can add in your sponges, dish soap, and towels. It even comes with a handy towel rack to hang from!

The Kitchen Sink Organizer is very clean as it keeps your items away from the sink. This gives you more space to wash your dishes and also makes it easy to wipe out the food stains. This organizer also has holes in the bottom that make sure no stagnant water gets left behind.

Grab one today.


  • CONVENIENT: Keep your kitchen sink neat and organized with the Kitchen Sink Organizer! This product is attached to your sink and is meant to hold various items to keep the sink clutter-free. You can use this to hold towels, sponges, steel sponges, dish washing liquid, and more. This leaves you with more space in the sink to do your chores!
  • CLEAN: The Kitchen Sink Organizer features holds on the bottom that ensures all the water leaks out of it. This will make sure that none of your dish washing products get all moldy and soggy and just plain dirty.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The Kitchen Sink Organizer can fit almost any size of sinks! As long as your sink is between 14.17–15.55" (36–39.5 cm), this product will be sure to fit. Just make sure to adjust it by either pushing or pulling it apart.
  • DURABLE: Made with premium polypropylene, the Kitchen Sink Organizer is incredibly strong and durable. This is a product that was definitely built to last.
  • AESTHETIC: The Kitchen Sink Organizer is a cool, neutral color that is sure to add a touch of elegance in your kitchen. Not only is it clean, it looks awesome too!


  • 1 x Kitchen Sink Organizer


  • Measurement: 14.17–15.55 x 10.63 x 3.35" (36–39.5 x 27 x 8.5 cm)
  • Material: polypropylene