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Green Onion Cutter

Green Onion Cutter

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Looking for ways to cut green onion faster and easier?

This handy kitchen device is going to make your cooking experience a lot better!



The Green Onion Cutter is a kitchen device comprised of multiple, small blades. To use it, you simply have to run the blades down lengthwise or crosswise on the green onion depending on how you want to cut it. If you're looking for circular slices of green onion, use the cutter like you would a regular knife. If you're looking for longer filaments of green onion, run the blades down all around the green onion first and then slice crosswise with a regular knife. It is so easy to use!

Grab a Green Onion Cutter for yourself today and see how much time you can totally save!




  • EASY TO USE: The Green Onion Cutter is incredibly easy to use. It is designed to make cutting green onions so much easier by using multiple blades. You can run the blades down the onion to create julienne slices or slice them crosswise so you can get multiple slices at once. You can also use these with other lengthwise foods like hot dogs, string cheese, and more!
  • TIME-SAVING: Because of the multiple blades, the Green Onion Cutter saves you so much time and energy compared to using just a regular knife. Preparing meals and adding garnish to your dishes has never been quicker and simpler with this amazing product!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The Green Onion Cutter is amazingly easy to clean! Simply run the blades under some running water and wash with dish soap. It is also safe to put on the top rack of your dishwasher.
  • COMPACT: At a mere 6.3" (16 cm), the Green Onion Cutter is very small and thin. It is the perfect size to store in a drawer or cupboard to keep it out of anyone's way. It is also very lightweight so it can be easily brought around if needed be.
  • SAFE: Made with premium stainless steel, the Green Onion Cutter is very sharp. That is why it comes in a casing that ensures no one is going to harm themselves accidentally. This product is also made with food-grade materials that is both non-toxic and odorless. It will not affect the taste of your food at all.




  • Measurement: 6.3" (16 cm)
  • Material: stainless steel, PP


  • 1 x Green Onion Cutter