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Giraffe Height Chart
Giraffe Height Chart
Giraffe Height Chart
Giraffe Height Chart

Giraffe Height Chart

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Track your child's growth and development day by day!

This adorable height chart will make your child want to be as tall as a giraffe!



The Giraffe Height Chart is everything you need and more in a height chart. It comes with four rulers that start at 70 cm and end at 180 cm. You simply have your child stand tall and straight against the wall and actually bring down the giraffe head to the top of your child's head. This indicates how tall your child has grown! This fun height chart also plays catchy tunes to make the experience more fun.

This package comes with a packet of stickers that you can use to customize the height chart. You can spend hours decorating it with your kids, if you'd like!

Grab a Giraffe Height Chart today!


  • GROWTH CHARTING: Celebrate how fast your child is growing with the Giraffe Height Chart. With this product, you get to see how your sons and daughters are progressing day by day! You can use it to track how many inches they've grown as the days go by.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The Giraffe Height Chart comes with a sheet of cute stickers for you to decorate the height chart with. The stickers really add an element of fun, and your children will undoubtedly enjoy growing taller with the animal stickers cheering them on!
  • ATTRACTIVE: Not only does this product look amazing, it also plays some cute tunes when it is being used. Your child is going to absolutely enjoy having their heights measured with the Giraffe Height Chart!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The chart starts at 70 cm, so you'd first have to measure out how tall 70 cm is from the ground with a measuring tape. Mark the wall with an easy-to-erase pencil as a guide. Next, add in the chart one by one and as straight as possible. Once done, add in the giraffe head. Lastly, add in the stickers!
  • CLEAN: With the Giraffe Height Chart, your walls will remain as clean and blemish-free as ever. Instead of having the parents mark the wall with a pencil, this product uses the giraffe head to indicate the child's current height. No marking necessary!


  • 1 x Giraffe Height Chart
  • 1 x sticker set


  • Measurement: 45.67 x 28.74" (116 x 73 cm)
  • Material: EVA, plastic