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Foot Massage Simulator
Foot Massage Simulator

Foot Massage Simulator

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Tired of feeling achy, painful, and sore all over your body? 

This amazing massaging device is going to wipe all of that pain away!



The Foot Massage Simulator is a massage device that is very easy to use. It's almost like a doormat! You simply step onto the simulator and turn the device on with the remote, letting the simulator do the rest of the work for you. This device targets multiple areas of your feet at once, relieving pains all over your body and improving your overall health.

It's almost as good as getting a whole body massage at a spa! The Foot Massage Simulator is very compact and portable so you can enjoy the luxury of a massage anywhere at any time. You can use it at home after a long day at work, at a campsite after hours of camping, at a hotel after a long day of touring the city, and so much more!

Give yourself the luxury today and purchase a Foot Massage Simulator for yourself!




  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Foot Massage Simulator targets multiple ares of your feet for the best massage of your life. There are particular spots on your feet that you need to massage to alleviate pain and soreness around your body. When these spots are targeted by this device, your body will feel so much better with just a simple foot massage. No full body massages needed anymore!



  • EASY TO USE: To use the Foot Massage Simulator, simply step onto the mat and start controlling the simulator with the handy remote control. Choose the intensity of your massage with the remote's handy buttons! This device is super easy to use that you can easily do it even when you're pressed for time.
  • COMFORTING: Not only does the Foot Massage Simulator alleviate pain and soreness around your body through its amazing massage technique, the vibrations it emits also improves blood circulation in your lower body and reduces fatigue and lethargy!
  • PORTABLE: The Foot Massage Simulator is very much lightweight. It is the perfect size and weight to carry around with you if you're always looking for relief for achy joints and muscles. You can easily take this with you on trips, hikes, gatherings, and so much more!
  • SAFE: The Foot Massage Simulator is as soft as a yoga mat. This ensures that your feet are properly cushioned while being worked on by the simulator. The materials it is made of are also very environmentally-friendly and easy on the skin. It's totally safe to use for the whole family!




  • Measurement: 3.07 x 2.36 x 0.87" (7.8 x 6 x 2.2 cm)
  • Material: composite material


  • 1 x Foot Massage Simulator
  • 1 x controller
  • 1 x user manual