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Flower Bottle Pump
Flower Bottle Pump
Flower Bottle Pump
Flower Bottle Pump
Flower Bottle Pump

Flower Bottle Pump

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Being clean and washing up has never been a prettier experience! 

This bottle pump literally makes beautiful flowers just for you.


The Flower Bottle Pump is a very simple yet adorable little bottle pump that'll add a little bit sophistication into your home. It features five small holes that when pushed, release foams in the shape of a flower. These pumps work well with soap as they look really pretty on the hand. This pump will definitely encourage you to wash your hands with soap and water every day!

The Flower Bottle Pump comes with its own 8.45 oz (250 mL) that you can fill with almost anything. The pump itself can also be transferred to other bottles for your convenience! Despite its frilly and adorable look, this Flower Bottle Pump is actually super useful, durable, and convenient. What more could you ask for?


  • AESTHETIC: Be encouraged to be as clean as you can be with the Flower Bottle Pump! This bottle pump actually releases foam in the shape of a flower. It looks absolutely gorgeous on the hand and will only encourage you to wash your hands, take a bath, wash the dishes, and so much more.
  • VERSATILE: The Flower Bottle Pump works on a variety of foams. You can use this for shampoo, hair mousse, dish washing soap, facial products, and more! This package comes with an empty 8.45 oz (250 mL) bottle you can fill with anything you want.
  • TRANSFERRABLE: If you find that the 8.45 oz (250 mL) bottle is too small for your taste, you can always just transfer it to a bigger bottle of the same size. That way, you can continue to have perfect heart-shaped foams no matter the bottle or size! The Flower Bottle Pump is very versatile that way!
  • DURABLE: The Flower Bottle Pump is made with high-quality PET that is very sturdy and durable. It will not crack no matter how many times it is used. It is also very leak proof so you know your product will not be running down the size of your bottle.


  • 1 x Flower Bottle Pump
  • 1 x bottle


  • Measurement: 6.18 x 2.63" (15.7 x 6.7 cm)
  • Material: PET
  • Capacity: 8.45 oz (250 mL)