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Disco Light Bulb
Disco Light Bulb

Disco Light Bulb

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Come on and have a blast with these awesome disco lights!

You'll be sure to have a ball of a time with these around!



The Disco Light Bulb is a light bulb that is very easy to install around the house to get the party started. This product contains RGB LED lights that actually rotate so you can get cool disco lights in the room. This is the perfect light bulb to have when at parties, gatherings, or other special occasions as it is a great way to have professional lighting effects with little to no cost at all.

The Disco Light Bulb functions just like a regular light bulb. You simply screw it into any outlet to get it working. If you're looking for cheaper alternatives to get the party started any time, anywhere, then this product is definitely for you!




  • AESTHETIC: Let's get the party started with the Disco Light Bulb! This product is a strobe light bulb that delivers bright red, green and blue colors. This combination of colors delivers an effect so similar to what you get off a disco ball that it's hard not to get the spirits lifted.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Disco Light Bulb is as easy to install as your regular light bulb. Simply screw it into an outlet to have it installed. These can function well with ceiling outlets, lamp outlets, or even just your regular night light.
  • PORTABLE: Because of the Disco Light Bulb's easy-to-install feature, this product is so easy to take with you wherever you need it to go. You can take it to all sorts of special occasions like birthday parties, school dances, and family gatherings easily.
  • SAFE: Unlike fluorescent bulbs, the Disco Light Bulb contains no mercury and won't release hazardous gases. In case this product gets dropped and broken, there will be no need to worry about cleaning it up and recycling it.


  • 1 x Disco Light Bulb


  • Measurement: 3.93 x 5.12" (10 x 13 cm)
  • Weight: 3.35 oz (95 g)
  • Color: RGB