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Dinosaur Humidifier Toy
Dinosaur Humidifier Toy
Dinosaur Humidifier Toy
Dinosaur Humidifier Toy
Dinosaur Humidifier Toy

Dinosaur Humidifier Toy

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Rawr! It's a cool and awesome dinosaur that wants to play with you!

This product isn't just a fun toy to play with. It's also a humidifier!


The Dinosaur Humidifier Toy is a cute dinosaur that runs around the room. It does this with wheels attached to its bottom and smart sensors that can detect any obstacle in front of it. What you get with this toy is a fun little dinosaur that your child can chase around without fear of breaking it at all! Doesn't that sound fun?

The Dinosaur Humidifier Toy also has the ability to spray liquids from its mouth. You can pour in some water for a refreshing mist, or add a bit of oomph with some essential oils so your room can smell nice while the dinosaur runs around. Not only is this fun, it is useful too!

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  • FUN: Have loads of fun playing with the Dinosaur Humidifier Toy! This product is a dinosaur that actually roams around the room. It has wheels attached to the bottom that allows it to turn and go in any direction. Additionally, this product also has some wicked lights and funky music that is sure to attract any child. With this product, your child will never get bored with it!
  • SMART-SENSING: The Dinosaur Humidifier Toy actually has some smart-sensors around it that can detect when there is an obstacle in its way. That way, it does not get destroyed while it is going around the room. When faced with an obstacle, this toy actually either moves around it or turns around!
  • HUMIDIFYING: Not only is the Dinosaur Humidifier Toy a fun play thing, it's also a humidifier. There is a compartment in its head where you can insert some water and even essential oils with a funnel. When turned on, the dinosaur sprays it out of its mouth while it is roaming around.
  • SAFE: Made with high-quality ABS, the Dinosaur Humidifier Toy has no sharp edges that can potentially harm a child. It is smooth all around so your child will have no problems holding it.


  • 1 x Dinosaur Humidifier Toy


  • Measurement: 4.92 x 3.62 x 5.91" (12.5 x 9.2 x 15 cm)
  • Material: ABS