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Delicate Rose Lamp
Delicate Rose Lamp
Delicate Rose Lamp
Delicate Rose Lamp
Delicate Rose Lamp
Delicate Rose Lamp

Delicate Rose Lamp

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Bring the beauty of a rose garden into your home! 

This lamp is incredibly beautiful and gorgeous and looks like the real deal.



The Delicate Rose Lamp is a beautiful lamp in a bonsai-style. At the end of each branch is a beautiful rose that lights up in beautiful colors when the lamp is lit up. This lamp gives off a really elegant and sophisticated look when lit up and would definitely beautify any room of any house that it is in.

Choose from our variety of colors below and get a Delicate Rose Lamp for yourself today!




  • AESTHETIC: The Delicate Rose Lamp is a lovely, gorgeous lamp that would look elegant in any home. This lamp features different colored roses that light up and give off an ethereal glow. This is definitely a statement piece that would wow anyone!
  • RECHARGEABLE: The Delicate Rose Lamp can be powered by three (3) AA batteries or a USB charger. Using the batteries to power up the device is useful as you can put it anywhere around the house without any wires. You could also opt to plug the lamp into outlets, power banks, or even your laptop!
  • ADJUSTABLE: The branches of this Delicate Rose Lamp are quite malleable and flexible. You can definitely adjust them any angle you'd like so you get the perfect arrangement. Feel free to move the branches in any way you'd like!
  • LONG-LASTING: The Delicate Rose Lamp lasts up to 72 hours on one set of batteries. This lamp uses LED light bulbs that don't use up too much electriit'city and is definitely easy on your electric bill.




  • Measurement: 13.4 x 6.6 x 2.2" (34.04 x 16.76 x 5.59 cm)
  • Battery: 3 x AA batteries


  • 1 x Delicate Rose Lamp