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Bubble Blowing Horns
Bubble Blowing Horns
Bubble Blowing Horns
Bubble Blowing Horns

Bubble Blowing Horns

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Are you a big fan of bubbles?

We can't think of anyone who wouldn't be fascinated by them!



These Bubble Blowing Horns are a simple toy that's going to make play time all the more fun and playful. Enjoy a lively day out with your friends and family by chasing and popping bubbles! It's sure to be a guaranteed hit in picnic days, family gatherings, beach outings, or even just simple play time in the backyard!




  • FUN: Who doesn't love playing with bubbles? Spend hours of fun blowing bubbles and chasing them around with our Bubble Blowing Horns! With three of them in this package, multiple people can come in and have fun playing. It's perfect for families and play dates!
  • COLORFUL: These Bubble Blowing Horns are extremely colorful and eye-catching. Kids won't get enough of these! They are sure to add a pop of color during playtime. They're also shaped like various musical instruments for some extra fun!
  • PLENTIFUL: Each of these toys has multiple hoops to blow bubbles from. This means that more bubbles can be formed per blow! More bubbles means more fun!
  • EASY TO USE: Kids will have no problem figuring out the Bubble Blowing Horns. Simply soak the ends of the Bubble Blowing Horns in your bubble solution and blow out bubbles through the other end. Repeat as necessary. It's that simple!




  • 3 x Bubble Blowing Horns
  • 3 x tray
  • 3 x bubble stick


  • Material: ABS plastic