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Braiding Headband
Braiding Headband
Braiding Headband
Braiding Headband

Braiding Headband

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Have a sensible and comfortable hairstyle while still being cute as heck!

This hair accessory is so easy to use and also saves you a lot of time!



The Braiding Headband is a packet of three headbands with hair clips attached to the top. You simply wear a headband on your head and attach locks of hair with the hair clips to securely fasten them on your head. This ensures that the headband stays on no matter what happens during the day and you remain as well-kept as ever! 

The Braiding Headband is very easy to use. Anyone will be able to use it! This is the perfect hair accessory to give to your daughters, nieces, other female family members as it keeps the hair off their face while making them look super cute.

Grab a Braiding Headband for yourself today!




  • EASY TO USE: To use the Braiding Headband, you simply wear it over your head like a regular headband, taking care to leave some hair in the front. Next, you take several locks of the front hair and twist it around your finger. Secure each lock of twisted hair to the headband by using the six clips on top of the headband. It's so easy that anyone can do it!
  • SECURE: Because of the Braiding Headband's unique feature, it is very safe and secure in your hair. This headband will not be moving no matter how physical and active you're going to be. Rest assured that your hair will remain super sleek and clean throughout the day. This hair accessory would be particularly useful for young girls that love to play outside!
  • AESTHETIC: The Braiding Headband is an extremely cute hair accessory to have. It is essentially a combination of a headband and hair clips. It creates a stunning, one-of-a-kind hairstyle that is very chic and pretty without spending too much time on it at all.




  • 3 x Braiding Headband


  • Measurement: 8 x 7.3" (20.32 x 18.54 cm)
  • Material: plastic