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Bookmark Lamp
Bookmark Lamp
Bookmark Lamp
Bookmark Lamp

Bookmark Lamp

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Have yourself an easier reading and learning experience with this device!

Illuminate the pages and your mind with this fantastic bookmark and night light combo!


The Bookmark Lamp is a very simple yet innovative design that helps you to read in more ways than one. Not only does it mark the page where you left off, it can also convert into a lamp that will help you read easier. If you find yourself reading your favorite books or studying academic journals well into the night, then you should definitely consider getting this product. It'd certainly be more comfortable for your eyes!

It is very lightweight and convenient. The Bookmark Lamp is so easy to carry around with you wherever you need to go. Always have your nose in a good book today with this amazing product!


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Not only does this function as a bookmark, the Bookmark Lamp is also a handy reading light that you can use to illuminate whatever you're reading! To use this as a bookmark, simply insert it between any two pages. To use it as a reading light, connect the negative end (-) of the connector to the positive (+) battery. Both functions can exist simultaneously for a spectacular reading experience.
  • SOOTHING: The color emanating from the Bookmark Lamp is a soft white that will not hurt your eyes at all. It is just bright enough to illuminate the page without having your eyes try to strain and adjust against it.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The Bookmark Lamp is so thin and lightweight that you can easily slip it into your wallet. It is almost as thin as a sheet of paper! This is the perfect bookmark to have when you're always on the move. Take this with you while you're commuting, studying, working, and more!
  • LONG-LASTING: One small battery can last up to 72 hours, or three (3) days! This is an extremely long-lasting battery that is good value for your money. The battery can also be easily replaced with ones you can get from a shop!


  • 3 x Bookmark Lamp
  • 3 x button battery


  • Measurement: 5.98 x 1.38 x 0.10" (15.2 x 3.5 x 0.25 cm)
  • Material: PC