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Bicycle Bubble Blower
Bicycle Bubble Blower

Bicycle Bubble Blower

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Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! Who doesn't love playing with bubbles?

This toy is so stinking cute that you're going to want to play outdoors all day long!


The Bicycle Bubble Blower would be a wonderful addition to your toy collection. This bubble blower comes with a fixed bracket that can actually be attached to your bicycle so it can blow bubbles as you ride your bike. Simply attach the bubble blower below your bicycle seat, pour in some bubble solution into the small compartment, and switch it on. You'll get a bubble-filled bicycle ride in seconds!

The Bicycle Bubble Blower is suitable for all ages. Both adults and kids alike are sure to love these fun bubbles! This device can be installed on any-sized bike so it can be used by the whole family. Grab one for yourself today!




  • FUN: Have some fun on your bicycle rides with this amazing Bicycle Bubble Blower! This bubble blower is attached to your bike so it can actually shoot out bubbles while you're out riding your bike. Leave a trail of fun, popping bubbles all the time with this adorable toy!
  • EASY TO OPERATE: The Bicycle Bubble Blower requires three (3) AA batteries to operate. First install these batteries in the compartment located below the bubble blower. Next, install it on the bike using the instructions below and once done, pour in any bubble solution of your choice. Turn the power button on and your bubbles are good to go! When you're done using the device, the remaining bubble solution can also be returned to the bottle for another time.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: To attach the Bicycle Bubble Blower to your bike seat, first loosen the fixed bracket before wrapping it around the rod connecting your seat to the rest of the bike. Tighten the fixed bracket again and make sure it's secure by giving it a small wiggle. It's that simple!
  • VERSATILE: The Bicycle Bubble Blower works on virtually any bike! It does not matter if a child or an adult is using it as the fixed bracket our package comes with attaches easily to any bicycle seat.
  • ATTRACTIVE: The Bicycle Bubble Blower doesn't just blow bubbles. It has some pretty fun lights too! This awesome device lights up whenever it's in use so that it can even be used at night or on rainy days.




  • Measurement: 3.94 x 2.56 x 9.84" (10 x 6.5 x 25 cm)
  • Material: ABS


  • 1 x Bicycle Bubble Blower
  • 1 x fixed bracket