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Balloon Launcher Toy
Balloon Launcher Toy

Balloon Launcher Toy

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Watch as these adorable cars zoom across the room!

This toy got toy cars and balloons! What more could you ask for?



The Balloon Launcher Toy is an awesome toy that we know your children are going to love. It consists of a balloon pump in the shape of a cute, angry monster, two (2) toy cars trying to run away from the monster, and six (6) balloons. To let the cars run them around, you attach a balloon to the toy car and let the air coming out power the car. There are more detailed instructions below to get you started with your Balloon Launcher Toy.

The Balloon Launcher Toy is totally safe for children to play with. There are neither choking hazards in the package nor sharp edges that they might get injured from. It is also BPA-free so the toy itself is non-toxic and odorless. It is definitely a toy made for children to play with!

Come play with the Balloon Launcher Toy today!




  • FUN: The Balloon Launcher Toy is an awesome way to spend the day with your children! This package comes with the balloon pump, six (6) balloons, and two (2) toy cars. The cars run on the air coming out of the balloon, and you pump air into it with the pump. Teach your child some hand-eye coordination and critical thinking today!
  • ATTRACTIVE: The Balloon Launcher Toy is super bright and colorful. The aesthetic look is more than enough to entice your kid to play with it and ensure that they're not bored! The toys also have fun faces that are sure to make them smile and laugh.
  • SAFE: The surface of the Balloon Launcher Toy has been smoothed to  perfection so as not to irritate the skin of your little child. There are no sharp edges at all and also no choking hazards. This product is also made of BPA-free ABS plastic that is non-toxic and odorless just in case your little one is teething!
  • DURABLE: The Balloon Launcher Toy is built to withstand the rough playing and uncareful fingers of playful and mischievous toddlers. The ABS plastic is very thick and durable so it is resistant to impact and abrasions.
  • EASY TO USE: Getting your Balloon Launcher Toy set up is as easy as pie! You first need to take off the top of your toy car and attach the balloon to the little screw. Pull the other end of the balloon through the top and reattach it to the car. Insert the back end of the car into the port and start pumping air slowly. When the balloon is large enough, press the start button to release and watch as the car speeds off!




  • Measurement: 8.86 x 4.53" (22.5 x 11.5 cm)
  • Material: ABS


  • 1 x Balloon Launcher Toy
  • 6 x balloon
  • 2 x toy car