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Bag Tape Sealer
Bag Tape Sealer
Bag Tape Sealer
Bag Tape Sealer

Bag Tape Sealer

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This is a nice and easy way of sealing your plastic bags!

Use this for protecting food, selling products, or just keeping your items safe and secure.


The Bag Tape Sealer is a small yet super effective device that is sort of like a tape dispenser. Its purpose is to snugly wrap some tape around your plastic bag so the contents won't spill out. To use it, you simply stick some tape into the compartment and attach the end to the other side of the sealer. Then, you push the plastic bag downward and the tape should both wrap and cut cleanly to seal your bag. It's that easy!

It's so small and compact that it is very easy to store and very easy to carry around. This is the perfect gadget to have if you're a small business owner and need a way to sell your products! The Bag Tape Sealer is also perfect for protecting your valued items from any damage or breakage.


  • EASY TO USE: Simply install any packing tape of your choice into the Bag Tape Sealer. Make sure that it is narrow enough to fit inside! Next, remove the end of the tape and attach it the other side of the sealer, just over the neck of the product. Then, you simply wring out a plastic bag so that it can fit in the neck of the sealer, and push it downwards to seal!
  • TIME-SAVING: If your job requires having to seal multiple bags at once, such as selling fruits or baked goodies, then the Bag Tape Sealer is definitely a massive time-saver for you. It's so quick and easy that you can do a whole load of bags in seconds!
  • VERSATILE: The Bag Tape Sealer works on a variety of bags. You can use them for goodie bags, bin bags, plastic wrapping, and so many more bags you might want sealed. Any bag is fine as long as it is narrow enough to fit down the neck!
  • CONVENIENT: Prevent spills, spoilage, and damage happening to your valued items with the Bag Tape Sealer. This product effectively seals the bag around your items tightly and securely with some tape. You can use these to prevent food from spilling, packing up your products beautifully, and make transporting items to another place so much easier.
  • COMPACT: The Bag Tape Sealer is extremely small and compact. It does not take too much space at all and can be easily stored in a drawer or cupboard. You could even stick some adhesives onto a side and stick it onto a wall for your convenience!


  • 1 x Bag Tape Sealer


  • Measurement: 3.35 x 4.92" (8.5 x 12.5 cm)
  • Material: ABS, stainless steel