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Adjustable Curtain Rods
Adjustable Curtain Rods

Adjustable Curtain Rods

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Save some valuable space in your house with these curtain rods!

You can hang these anywhere in the house without damaging it at all!



The Adjustable Curtain Rods are a set of three high-capacity iron and plastic curtain rods that are very easily installed around the house. You simply hold them up and twist the curtain rods until they are sturdy and secure. These rods have stoppers on either end so they won't do damage any to your walls and furniture, and these make it extra easy to just move the rods around the house for your convenience.

You can use the Adjustable Curtain Rods for almost anything you can think of. You can put them in your bathroom to hang up towel racks or shower curtains, put them in the closet to have some extra closet space, or put them in the living room to hang up curtains swiftly and easily. It's super versatile and is undoubtedly something you'd definitely want to have in case you want to redecorate.

Grab a pack of these Adjustable Curtain Rods today!




  • ADJUSTABLE: The Adjustable Curtain Rods are completely adjustable. They can fit any doors, windows, closets, or walls that are between 21.65 to 35.43" (55 to 90 cm) in length. With this product around, you won't have to do any measuring at all!
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The Adjustable Curtain Rods are very easy to install. You simply have to twist them clockwise to expand them and counterclockwise to detract. Hold them up between area of installation and just twist the rods around until they are securely fastened.
  • NO DAMAGE: Because of this twisting feature, the Adjustable Curtain Rods pose no damage whatsoever to your house. You don't need to use any nails or screws or hooks to hang this curtain rod, so you're free to use them in dormitories or houses that have just been rented! They are also easily transferred for your convenience.
  • VERSATILE: These Adjustable Curtain Rods can hang shower curtains, regular curtains, clothes, decorations, and so much more. This is the perfect product to help you organize your house just the way you want it!




  • Measurement
    • 11.81 to 19.69" (30 to 50 cm)
    • 15.75 to 27.56" (40 to 70 cm)
    • 21.65 to 35.43" (55 to 90 cm)
  • Material: iron, plastic


  • 3 x Adjustable Curtain Rods