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3D Breath Assistance Mask x10
3D Breath Assistance Mask x10

3D Breath Assistance Mask x10

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Breathe in air more effectively and efficiently even with a face mask on!

This also protects your makeup from getting smudged and your glasses from fogging!



The 3D Breath Assistance Mask is a very convenient attachment to your face mask that allows you some space to breathe, protect your makeup, and prevent your glasses from fogging up. It covers the mouth area in a convex curve to make room between your mouth and the facial mask so the mask won't get damp or stained at all. It works on most disposable face masks and reusable face masks with ample room to strech out.

The 3D Breath Assistance Mask is very easy to attach to the mask and comfortable on the skin. It'll leave little to no marks on your face and can be worn the entire day without any issues. They are very much reusable granted you clean them after every use.

Stay safe and comfortable. Buy our package of ten (10) 3D Breath Assistance Masks today!




  • BREATHABLE: If you find yourself struggling to breathe with a face mask on, then the 3D Breath Assistance Mask may be of big help to you. This puts some space between you and the mask so you can have a lot more space to breathe! This also ensures that you don't breathe in your mask and get it damp. It's perfect for people with breathing problems who may struggle with wearing a face mask.
  • ANTI-FOG: Wishing your eyeglasses would stop fogging every time you breathe with your mask on? The 3D Breath Assistance Mask can take care of that! Wearing this with your face mask ensures that the air won't escape from the top of your mask and obscure your vision.
  • AESTHETIC: Who says you can't wear makeup with a mask on? The 3D Breath Assistance Mask allows some space between your face and your mask so you can wear your lipsticks and lip glosses without staining your mask at all. Being careful and mindful has never looked so good!
  • VERSATILE: The 3D Breath Assistance Mask works on most disposable face masks granted they have a bit of leeway. To attach this product to your face mask, you simply have to use the little hooks at the side and insert it between the folds of your face mask. That's all you have to do!
  • COMFORTABLE: The 3D Breath Assistance Mask was designed to fit your face perfectly and sit comfortably on your skin. The material itself is also flexible and malleable enough to bend and twist if you feel it could fit your face better. You could definitely wear this the whole day and not feel uncomfortable at all!




  • Measurement: 3.94 x 3.35" (10 x 8.5 cm)
  • Material: plastic


  • 10 x 3D Breath Assistance Mask